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January 31, 2024 – The Finish

Disembarking the ferry goes much more smoothly than I expected. As soon as the front ramp on the ferry drops, the foot passengers bolt for the shore. (They probably are in the usual day to day hurry, not the sense of relief of escaping a sinking ship… just sayin’). Almost immediately, the crew starts releasing […]

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January 31, 2024 – Banjul, the Gambia

The reason for staying outside and south of Dakar was to stay closer to Banjul so that we would have enough time to arrive earlier in rather than later in the afternoon. Last year’s check in was pretty chaotic and, though we are hoping that things will be smoother, earlier will allow for more time […]

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January 30, 2024 – Somone, Senegal

The plan for today was to stop for the night in Dakar, Senegal but that is turning out to be a bad idea. There isn’t regally much reason to do that other than to say that we have done it. And the traffic is reported to be epic. We start looking for an alternative and […]

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January 29, 2024 – Zebrabar, Senegal

The day starts with a great breakfast – an omelet, beans, sausage, orange juice and hot coffee. A great break from the rat pack breakfast of the last few days. Slowly, other people come out for the breakfast but no one is moving too fast. Someone suggests a boat ride on the inlet that is […]

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January 28, 2024 – Zebrabar, Senengal

Today we drive into Senegal and on to the Zebrabar, south of Saint Louis. The border crossing shouldn’t be an issue on either side, exiting Mauritania and entering Senegal. Of course, things may not turn out the way we expect. But first we have to get to the border and that is a challenge all […]

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January 27, – The Mauritanian Desert

The Bedouin tent was great but the Bedouin mattress was rock hard. I mean, I like hard a hard mattress but this was beyond my likes. I sleep in snatches, tossing and turning trying to find some position that is comfortable. The only good parts were that the mattress was marginally better than the thin […]

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January 26, – The Mauritanian Desert

Friday, January 26, – Mauritanian Desert The wind was nearly calm overnight and Dahid has said that the wind will be considerably less than yesterday. That would be nice but surprising. If it does die down the visibility will improve but the temperature will rise. It will still be beautiful and exciting. Everyone breaks camp […]

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Thursday, January 25, – The Mauritanian Desert

The Moroccan border is closed until 6AM officially. In real life it opens whenever the staff shows up. And when it does open, they first process the lorries that have been waiting over night while the border was closed, Since the border is yet another 80 or so kilometers beyond the Hotel Barbas, we have […]

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January 24, 2024 – Hotel Barbas. Morocco

I’m up early and grab a quick breakfast with cafe americano (otherwise known as coffee black). Around 8, Clemo, Elaine and Pinky emerge and follow suit. We start on a plan for today. The most important task today is to collect the money necessary for the different fees for parks, road passes, Mauritanian car insurance […]

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January 23, 2024 – Hotel Barbas. Morocco

The next day, Elaine and Clemo meet us for a late breakfast/early lunch. When Clemo found out the there would be injectors at the Hotel Barbas, the plan was changes to leave today for the hotel rather than stay for 2 days in Dakhla and spend 2 days at the hotel trying to repair the […]

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