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London – June 11th

The weather forecast for today is partly cloudy and when we leave the hotel, it’s completely overcast. At least, it’s not raining. With the changeable weather here, it’s hard to put any faith in weather forecasts. We skip breakfast and head straight to the Tower of London which is just a couple of stops on […]

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London – June 10th

We must have been very tired last night. We’re up but not as early as I expected with 5 hour jet lag. Mika checks the weather outside and reports back that it’s raining. Welcome to London. We get out the rain gear and head out for a proper English breakfast. Good luck with that in […]

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London – June 9th

The flight lands more or less on time at Heathrow. Disembark. Walk about a mile to the immigration hall. Not much of a line surprisingly. And they have automated passport control. Slide your passport into the slot so that the device can read the chip. Take out the passport. Put in your right hand for […]

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Fort Mill – Saturday, June 8th

It’s departure day. Barbara, Talyn, Mika and I are leaving for a couple of weeks in the UK. Ayron is staying home with the pets and watching the house. Everything is done and we’ve got about 2 hours until the ride to the airport arrives at 3:30. It seems odd to be sitting without a […]

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Sebring, FL – August 30, 2018

This circus is over and everyone is headed home or at least elsewhere. It’s 18 months, more or less, until the next Alcan, the winter Alcan5000 in February, 2020. People are excited and saying they’re going to be in the next one. But first they have to go home and rest after this one. Jim […]

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Fairbanks, AK – August 28, 2018

We do the TSD early in the morning. It’s the usual stage in the airport area of Fairbanks which has both a water strip for the float planes and a grass strip for the back country tail-draggers. Something for everyone. Including blocked roads for construction that the stage route instructions doesn’t know anything about. We […]

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Fairbanks, AK – August 27, 2018

We’re up and out of the hotel by 8. We have a checkpoint in the Valdez TSD, another Alcan5000 fixture. In the winter when Valdez some years gets enormous amounts of snow, this TSD can be very tricky. There are some years where the huge amount of snow that Valdez gets is plowed into banks […]

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Valdez, AK – August 26, 2018

The Copper River Princess Lodge is quite a bit above the usual Alaska overnight. It’s owned and operated by the Princess Cruise Lines and tries to carry the cruise experience on to land. With varied success. Great restaurant. Suitable bar. Expensive souvenir shop. Total crap wifi. Why would a cruise ship company have any knowledge […]

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Copper River, YT – August 25, 2018

  We’re up and out by 8:00. The ferry crossing to the west side of the Yukon already has a line, 2 lines actually and since the ferry is small, the rally takes 4 or 5 crossings to get to the other side. That means another mad dash to make the start of the TSD […]

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Dawson City, YK – August 24, 2018

Our beautiful day yesterday has changed to overcast this morning. The good news is that the rain hasn’t started yet so breaking camp won’t have to be done in the rain. As usual, the riders don’t waste any time packing the sleeping bags. The tents, on the other hand, are a bit problematic and a […]

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