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Home – Feb 26

The alarm goes off at 4:45AM but we’ve both been awake for some time. I’ve already showered and Barbara is dressed and just about ready to go. We had repacked our bags last night so now it’s one more check of the room and down to the lobby to check out and wait for the […]

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Helsinki – Feb 25

We check out of the hotel at about 10 and start the last couple hour drive to Helsinki. It’s bright but cold and we’ll have the sun in our eyes all day. We just have to grind it out. The road starts to widen but also the traffic starts to pick up and the number […]

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Mikkeli – Feb 24

There’s not much to say. The trip is winding down and the drive south is leaving the snow and cold of the north. Of course, that means we renew our acquaintance with the speed cameras. The speed limit on Finland’s 2 lane highways is a maximum of 80 kilometers per hour or lower if the […]

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Jormua – Feb 23

The sky never cleared overnight so there wasn’t a chance of seeing the Northern Lights again. And it had snowed lightly. The snow was actually welcome. Last night the walk to the restaurant was very slippery. The temperature during the day had been just above freezing and then had dropped as it became dark causing […]

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Pyhä Tunturi – Feb 22

After last night’s excitement we sleep in until 8 and then head for breakfast. We’re hoping to see Sonya and Alex at breakfast and chat a bit before they leave for Nordkapp. They aren’t in the restaurant but we know they haven’t left yet. Their car is still in front of their “igloo”. We start […]

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Pyhä Tunturi – Feb 21

It turns out that we didn’t get much snow. But the wind is still howling and if it does start snowing with any force, driving is going to be a bummer. We text our contact that we are leaving and thanks for the night. Off to the “igloos”. It feels like we’ve been driving this […]

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Utsjoki – Feb 20

Esko arrives out on the ice promptly at 8:00 AM and starts hauling the cabins back to shore. It’s a beautiful clear day and we get a few last minutes out in the clear air and blue skies before our cabin is hitched up and slowly pulled back the parking area for the cabins. We […]

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Lake Inari – Feb 19

It’s a beautiful morning. Barbara sleeps in after the late night/early morning trip to the hill. We get a late start but it’s only about an hour’s drive to Lake Inari. We check out of the apartment at nearly noon and head north. We’re getting very close to the northern end of Finland and since […]

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Ivalo – Feb 18

Last night, we had tried to make reservations for a reindeer sleigh ride but we couldn’t link up with the contact person. Later, we also tried to see up a guided Northern Lights trip. That seemed, at first to work. At dinner, I got a notice from American Express that Lapland Welcome wanted to charge […]

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Ivalo – Feb 17

The alarm goes off at 6:30 and a quick look out the window. Rain, wind and slush. Up and a quick breakfast . We have a long day’s drive to Ivalo. We finally leave the coast and head northeast toward Lapland. Hopefully, we won’t be driving the entire way in a driving snow storm when […]

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