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Back North to San Antonio – 4/24/2013

We awoke to a drab and dreary overcast morning. Back in the car and head south to Puerto Montt. We had hoped to drive around the area but when we get to Puerto Montt the weather is even worse. The sky is seriously overcast, none of those teasing bright spots that hint at later clearing. […]

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Puerto Montt – 4/23/2013

We’re up and out by 8:00. The plan is to drive to Santa Cruz for an overnight and hopefully the car will be ready. Breakfast. Load the car. Head south. Right into crazed Monday morning traffic. There’s a serious car pileup on the Autopista near us and the traffic is diverted onto the local streets […]

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Santiago, Still – 4/22/2013

Yesterday was just a bust. We moved hotels from the Eurotel, they were booked solid for the coming week. We moved into the Ibis (our trusty Ibis hotels – en suite, please), a few kilometers down the street for the night. They are booked for thye rest of the week also. No matter, we have […]

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Futbol in Santiago – 4/21/2013

We did a pro futbol game today in Santiago. It was a near season end match between Colo Colo and U Catolica. Or as the taxi driver told between the poor people (Colo Colo) and the chi chi set (U Catolica). We’re pretty sure we know who the taxi driver was rooting for. We had […]

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The Museum of Memories – 4/20/2013

In 1973, Chile’s military led by General Augusto Pinochet staged a coup d’etat and over threw the elected government of Salvadore Allende. Allende, an avowed Marxist, we viewed by the military as a threat to turn Chile into a Cuban style communist state. The anti-communist military vowed that this would never happen deposed Allende and […]

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Spot is Up and Working – 4/19/2013

For those of you who like to follow our satellite tracker, it’s up and running. To view the track, click on the satellite icon  to the right of the Photo/Video Gallery link in the header at the top of this page. Enjoy, Obi-wan

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The Second Customs Agent – 4/19/20

On an earlier trip, John and I were trying to get out of Turkey and into Bulgaria and we were having problems. The Turkish exit immigration had absolutely no instructions anywhere and we were floundering about trying to get whatever stamps and documents we needed to satisfy the immigration officer at the exit gate. Along […]

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The First Customs Agent – 4/18/2013

We’re still cooling our heels waiting for the car to be offloaded or, rather, for the car carrier to be berthed. So, we start the search for the customs broker office that UltraMar found for us in Santiago. The office is down in central Santiago, near the presidential palace so we leave the car and […]

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Where is the car? – 4/17/2013

Last night ended early. The trip had obviously exhausted us and almost within minutes of getting to the hotel room John was asleep with me not far behind. This morning the plan is to try to find the car. All we have is a Bill of Lading (B/L) that is the receipt from the shipping […]

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Here we are in Santiago – 4/16/2013

Santiago, Chile is a long damned ways from Charlotte or San Clemente. Andyou can’t get there from here. I go through Atlanta, John through Los Angeles. Every trip seems to start with a day of hiking around airport terminals. The flight out of Charlotte leaves about 10 minutes late but gets into ATL a few […]

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