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Here We Go, Again – 4/15/2013

John and I are getting our separate flights to Santiago, Chile. We are scheduled to arrive tomorrow within minutes of each other. John has a hotel and a car reserved in Santiago. The car is scheduled to arrive in San Antonio, Chile on the 17th. We hope to have it out of customs by the […]

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Sydney in the Deluge – 1/28/2013

We don’t know who to drop the car with. We don’t know where to drop the car. We don’t even know when we can drop the car. During our last meeting with Uvan and later confirmed by email, we did agree to storing the car in Sydney before it’s put on the boat to Chile. […]

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Kiami and Sydney – 1/27/2013

We’re going to Kiami. I’m hoping that the storm may be kicking up some surf this far south that will make the blow hole spectacular. But first we’re headed south toward Bundanoon and the MacQuarrie Pass. MacQuarrie Pass is a very narrow road that winds its way down through a slot canyon from the plateau […]

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South to Windsor – 1/26/2013

Sure enough, the morning dawns gray with a very cold mist. The storm is catching us again. We walk down to the main street again. There’s a display of very old engines that is being setup The engines are from as early as the early 1900’s. They are all gasoline engines that have been painstakingly […]

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Across the Great Dividing Range (Again) – 1/25/2013

It rains all night, At times, it pours down. But there isn’t much wind and when we get up in the morning, the bay is nearly calm, small waves, just chop really. We pack up and leave for Brisbane. On to the motorway and into rush hour traffic. Of course, it’s Friday before a three […]

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Down the Coast – 01/24/2013

It pours all night and occasionally a squawl comes through with some healthy wind gusts. It’s the metal roofing of the walkways that really wakes us when he rain comes down in sheets. At dawn, look out the window and the sea is reasonably calm and the rain has slowed temporarily. The plan is to […]

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To the Coast – 1/23/2013

The morning is cool and windy. The sky is overcast. The cyclone is getting nearer the coast and, though we are still quite a ways form the coast, the storm is bringing intermittent cloud cover. As we start to leave the clouds start to break up and the temperatures start to rise. We’re going to […]

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To Townsville – 1/22/2013

The morning in Julia Creek is humid and warm even at 7AM. We’re hoping to get to the coast at Townsville but it doesn’t look likely now. A tropical cyclone, the east Asian version of a north-American hurricane, had crossed over the Cape York Peninsula in the far north of Australia and then turned north […]

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Mt. Isa – 1/21/2013

Last night’s sleep was much better than the previous night. A good night’s sleep with no weird dreams and sleeping all the way through the night probably indicates that a day of driving without any problems after we disabled the ABS has calmed us down about the state of the car. Or we’re just plain […]

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Headed Back East – 1/20/2013

There’s not much sleep over night. John keeps waking. We he gets up I wake. We’re both concerned. It would have been better for this brake problem to have happened earlier in the day but it didn’t. Dawn comes and John is up and out to the car. He’s just getting out the jack and […]

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