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The Flight to Panama – 5/21/2013

I have a flight from Charlotte through Atlanta to Panama City. John is back on the east coast in New York. His flight is La Guardia to Dulles to Panama City. We are to arrive in Panama City within minutes of each other. Nothing like good planning. But whoever thought that good planning actually ever […]

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The Email Thrash – 5/20/2013

I didn’t expect any responses from my emails to Martha and Sr. Gabriel on Sunday and none came. I wanted the bill of lading number and the ship that the container was on to verify that the car had been shipped. Of course, there couldn’t be a bill of lading because the container wasn’t loaded […]

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Back in the USA – 5/12/2013

The flights left and in a few hours, I was in Medellin boarding a flight to New York’s JFK. This wasn’t the most direct route to Charlotte but it got me there the soonest. We hadn’t been gone that long but the thrash at Martha the Exporter had taken it’s toll. I really wanted the […]

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The Big Fix – 5/11/2013

We’d cleaned up the car yesterday and reorganized the gear that we were leaving in the car. We’re not really too worried about the gear (the car is being shipped inside a 20 foot container) but there are somethings like the car’s spare parts that we don’t want to lose. Shipping in a container lessens […]

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The Exporters – 5/10/2013

I had sent the email to Martha late last night and early this morning I got a response. The email had her phone number and the address of her office. We waited til about 9AM to call only to find out that we couldn’t dial out on the phone in our room. I called the […]

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To Cartagena – 5/9/2013

We’re still in the mountains though most of Medellin in in a valley between a couple of mountain ridge lines. We’re driving down the autopistas headed to the north trying to make Cartagena today. It’s about 400 miles but it’s doable and if the roads are as good all the way to Cartagena as they […]

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Medellin – 5/8/2013

The southern part of Colombia is just beautifully verdant tropical jungle. Palm trees and banana plants dot the steep hill sides. The road is often canopied with flowering trees and amazingly tall bamboo groves. Lush is an understatement. And Colombia is known for its mountainous terrain. We have been driving up and down since we […]

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Puertolago – 5/6/2013

We’re trying to get insurance for Colombia before we get into Colombia. We may be able to get it at the border but we’re hoping to get it out of the way before we get there. In order to do that, we’re going to stop in Quito to look up a Mapfre office that we’ve […]

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Ecuador, Cuenca, Riobambo – 5/5/2013

It’s only about 30 kms to the frontier. We read that the exit immigration for Peru was 2 km south of the Peace Bridge and the entry immigration is about 3 kms north of the bridge. We’re on a divided highway just north of the last town in Peru and we can’t find the exit […]

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To Tumbes – 5/4/15

We plan on spending the night in Tumbes, Peru. We’re probably close enough to make Ecuador but we’ll be crossing in the dark and we could end up with a very late hotel search in Ecuador. The road has really left the desert and the coastal fog. This area of Peru is on a large […]

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